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No kidding!

Here is today and tomorrows workout plans. This is a 5 day shocking method cycle. I am periodizing between traditional hypertrophy 5 days, super sets for 5 days, and shocks (i.e. strips) for 5 days. Repeat.

Day - Time Day Nine - AM
Bodypart Thighs/Calves; Bi/Brachialis Occluded
Workout Type Shock 1B
Exercise Notes
Leg Press 100 Rep method
Leg extensions Static Strip
Lying hamstring curls 15, 20, 25 method
Incline Calve Raises Wilson Blitz
Barbell Preacher Curls 4*15-20 Reps Occluded
Belt Squats Strip Set
Adductor Machine Strip
Abductor Machine Strip
Seated Reverse Tibialis Raises Wilson Blitz
Reverse Barbell Curls 4*15-20 Reps Occluded

Total Sets
Time in Gym

Day - Time Day Nine - PM
Workout 1 HR HIIT Variable Cardio

Day - Time Day Ten - AM
Bodypart Delts; forearms Occluded
Workout Type Shock 1B Notes
Exercise Shocking Methods
Dumbbell Shoulder Press Ascending Strip
Barbell Upright Rows 15, 20, 25 method
Bent over laterals Strip
Incline bench side laterals Static Strip
Seated barbell wrist curls 4*15-20 reps Occluded
Seated machine Presses Strip
Machine Shrugs Ascending Strip
Front Plate neck raises Strip
Barbell reverse wrist curls 4*15-20 reps Occluded

Total Sets
Time in Gym

Day - Time Day 10 - PM
Bodypart Chest; Tris Occluded
Workout Type Shock 1B
Exercise Shocking Methods Notes
Flat dumbbell Ascending Strip
Dips Strip
Pec dec flys Wilson Blitz
Tricep cable press-downs 4*15-20 Reps Occluded
Flat barbell bench 100 rep method
Seated tricep pressdowns 4*15-20 Reps Occluded

Total Sets
Time in Gym
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