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Originally Posted by WorkoutMchne View Post
Do you remember the first day that you ever seriously lifted weights (I'm sure that you do)? What exercise did you do and how much did you lift that day?

i remember when i first started being serious in the gym, it was the end of my junior year in high school...i honestly don't remember the weight i used or the exercises, i pretty well just did whatever my buddy said to do at the time...i basically got more serious by the day and that summer i made my transition from 150 pounds to 215...i call it the summer of my life...lifting seriously, working hard manual labor and reading bodybuilding magazines...i actually sometimes wish i could return to those days, because i didn't worry about maximizing protein synthesis, training a certain muscle group twice a week, hitting a certain weight in the gym...i just went in and trained my *** off...brings back memories

When you are lifting do you look at 'normal' people in the gym and feel that they have no right to be in there with you?

lol...this is me 100%...i absolutely can not even take people seriously when they tell me they train matter what, i automatically think to myself..."you don't know the first thing about training." lol...i guess that happens to all of us overtime

Do you remember what the first Metallica song was that you ever heard?

Enter Sandman at my uncles house when i was very young...i remember running around shouting with my cousin...we're off to never never land

If you met SMOLOV himself today, what would you say to him?
you crazy son of a *****...i love you
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