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Originally Posted by angiebsassy View Post
What motivates you...?
a lot of it comes from my past and a relentless fight to improve every single day, i know how i was, and i know i never want to be like that again... i have a vivid image of all those people who put me down and said i'd never do this and i'd never do that...and at the time i could probably see where they'd want to give up on me, but they made a mistake and in my mind, everytime i accomplish something its equivalent to giving them all the finger...i want to be the best...and when people think about occlusion training, i want them to think about me...when people think about training, i want them to know me as the guy who trained no matter what, hit his caloric numbers no matter what, a guy who wasn't blessed with the best genetics but at the same time didn't let that dictate what he was going to do...i want to separate myself from everybody, and that motivates me to keep going to keep bettering myself

Originally Posted by Commander View Post
What is....

your favorite dog?

i'm not an animal guy, so i don't have a favorite dog

your PR in the tricep kickback......just kidding

the last thing you shot?

a computer

the next person you will take on your famous shootouts?

hmm, probably my nephew

your thoughts on smolov?

smolov is the best program out there for getting comfortable at squatting heavy...because you squat heavy, almost EVER single day...i think the program is overkill, but i follow it to a T, and im getting awesome results...if you want a better squat, knowing that you will be in severe pain everyday, give smolov a run

the coolest thing you've ever seen in a snow globe?
my, j/k...i honestly don't remember the last time i stared into a snow globe

Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
What is the hardest thing you've had to mentally overcome?

my childhood which ultimately led to a falling out with my mom and brother

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
well in 5 years i will have gotten my PhD in Exercise Physiology and i'll be doing a postdoc at some university putting vascular occlusion training on the map...i will also be on spring break for the first time in my my mind, spring break is a time to celebrate, the only thing is, most people who are on spring break, have nothing to celebrate...they have been in college for 8 years working on their undergrad, they shouldn't be on springbreak, they haven't accomplished anything...well when i get my PhD i will have finally accomplished something worthy of relaxing
The"Outwork" mindset changed my entire life, perhaps it can help you as well

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