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This is not training related but I had one of the craziest days of my life today.

So I have to go to training for the next few weeks for my current job. I caught my first flight today and landed ( I had to transfer and get another 45 mins later). I turn on my phone and see that I have a voicemail. I have this hope that it could be what I was hoping it was for. So I check the message and it is a job that I have been waiting on for awhile telling me to call. So I do and they told me they were calling to let me know they made their decision from the interviews and then offered me the job and a start date soon. I am like wow this is great but at the worst time ever lol cuz I am 4 hours from home and supposed to be in georgia in a few hours for the next few weeks. I tell of some of the guys I work with and am going to training with. They are like what are you gonna do. I text my gf and she is like you better take that job and I knew that is what I wanted. So I made my decision to take it but felt bad about leaving my current job so soon and like that. I run around the air port looking to catch a flight home and the price is ridicilous. So I end up renting a car and driving 4 hours home. Unfortunately, one of my bags is down south and hopefully it returns to my nearest airport tommorow like they said. Crazy day lol but I had to do what was best for me.
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