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1/25/10 DE Sq

SSQ box squat (13 inch)-
210 6x2

SSQ stepups-
215x6 (pr i think)

DB swings-

SSQ standing calf raises-

Seated calf raises ss standing calf raises
135x100 ss bw x 25

Db Farmers Walks (thick db)-rest pause
100s x 100ft (3 turns) + 50 ft (1 turn)

Kneeling band ab crunch/ Plank/ Jumping Jacks (triset)- minimal rest in between sets
Green x 15/ 30 sec/ 25
Green x 15/ 40 sec/ 30
Green x 16/ 45 sec/ 45

*Started out barbell squatting and realized that was not gonna work so I stuck to my original plan of ssq box squats and a bunch of assitance. First time doing thick db farmers walks which taxed the grip hard. I had a 25 foot path in my basement so I hard to make a lot of turns. I figured that I have not done reg farmers walks in so long cuz of the weather this would be helpful.
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