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1/24/10 LOG Wave 3 Week 3

Log- (clean 1st and press away)
227x4 (pr) (took it easy)
250x3 (PR!) Beat my old 1rm of 242 by 8lbs and 2 reps)

Seated BB milt-

Band face pulls ss w. CG handle pushups-
Green x 20/ bw x 20
Green x 20/ bw x 20
Green x 20/ bw x 18

Band pushdowns ss plate side lateral raises-
Green x 18/ 10s x 18
Green x 18/ 10s x 18
Green x 20/ 10s x 20

*10 out of 10 today baby. I woke up from a nap and was in the zone within a few mins. The goal weight for today on the log was 227x as many reps as possible but then I decided to cut 227 short after 4 reps which was so easy. The I wanted to break my old log 1rm at 242 and go for 250 and instead of hitting a 1rm I knocked out 3 nice reps. I have video and I made it look easy. After that I was so excited I did not know what to do for the rest of my workout so I did seated bb milt for 3x10 and then did some brutal triceps/shoulders supersets that set both on fire with lactic acid and blood that I could barely lift my arms after. On the log I made about 50lbs of progress at 3reps since april not bad. I am on my way to 300.
Discipline makes you mentally and physically tough!
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Once I stick to the program I am going to get really strong.

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