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Thanks ehoy! hearing things like that are great motivation for me to continue to push myself! I encourage you to start a log so all can follow along on your training journey..its also a great way to get some input if people notice you could do something a little better or have a more efficient workout. I have always had a winning attitude and glad my hardship showed you that anything can be overcome...i was back in the gym pretty much when the doc cleared me, I gave myself an extra week, just for confidence reasons..wanted to make sure i really was good to go!!

Todays workout: C2

i keep forgetting to weigh myself..i will sat morning, since its an off day!

Preacher Curls 25*x15 RP
Alt. Pinwheel Curls 35x20 SS
Hack squat calves 200x15 SS
Sumo Leg Press 200x20 SS
Hack Squat 290x10/200x20

the numbers seemed a little low to me...i didnt look at my old log numbers from my last blast...I WILL INCREASE BY 10-15lbs minimum next time on the leg exercises!

45 minute workout.
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