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Originally Posted by President Wilson View Post
You are a monster on those deads man. But the video didnt work for me
Originally Posted by President Wilson View Post

thats a sick deficit deadlift. And I just saw your 390 squat. You are too the freaking floor! SICK man! And your gym is insanely hardcore looking
Thanks Prez, the deadlift is by far my best lift. With my leverages, it just comes natural to me, the squat on the otherhand, is my nemesis. I've had to bust my butt for every single pound on the squat. I appreciate the comment on the squat, I try my best to get deep. I am actually working on getting deeper by starting over with front squats and olympic high bar squats.

And the gym, what can I say, I love my gym, it's taken my years to acquire all that stuff, but it was worth it.

Strict OH Press

170x3 was slow, I am near maxed out for this exercise. I have been pushing hard. This workout was only 4 days after my last OH Press workout. However, I am going on a mini-vacation to Boston and will not be working out from Thursday the 21st until Wednesday the 27th. So, basically I get a deload and hopefully some supercompensation will occur. I will go for 175 next workout and if the reps are slow again, then I will swap out exercises.

Lying Med ball throws to wake up lats

BW+10, 20, 30, 40x5

Skull Crusher
65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90x5

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