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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Still doing Workout Machine's dynamic warmup and loving it


To quote him:
This method utilize what is called 'dynamic pre-activation'. In other words you are first performing an explosive set to prime the nervous system, then you move on to a heavy set.

This has a double activation effect as both explosive and heavy work do potentiate the nervous system. The cool thing is that dynamic work, when properly done (correct load, maximum effort) activates the CNS just as much as near-maximal work, but without causing much (if any) muscular, metabolic or neural fatigue. Thus you get a greater performance boost.

The kicker with DAC training is that over the sets, the load used for the explosive work DECREASES while the load used for the heavy work INCREASES. Decreasing the load used during the explosive work reduces fatigue even more, leaving more in the tank for the heavy work, while still furthering neural activation.
Glad the warm-up is working for you.

Also, there are a couple interesting thing about this 'dynamic pre-activation' method. First, I like it. Secondly, there was a study done by Carlos Ugrinowitsch out of Sao Paulo University in Brazil (he was a visiting scholar at Florida St. with us) who looked at individuals who squatted 3 days a week. One group squatted for power (40-60%) and the other group for strength (85%-95%) 3 days a week. There was no difference in strength gains between groups, in other words the groups that squatted for power saw just as many strength gains as the strength group. Now, I don't believe you can only squat explosively for other reasons and minor flaws in the study, but it is interesting.

Third, your idea also works in reverse and it is something called Postactivation Potentiation (PAP). Essentially saying that performing a heavy muscle contraction before an explosive even will increase power. So on your DE squat day, if you did one set of a 5RM then did your DE work, you would be more explosive on your DE work. This kind of thing is most commonly studied with a squat followed by a vertical jump or a sprint for the performance test.

Anyway, Commander sorry for the rambling on your journal, your post just got me thinking because I very much like the 'dynamic pre-activation' that you spoke of. And yes, your dips with the 80 seemed faster as well.
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