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Is the shake weight that thing you jerk off to tone your muscles?
And well done on the PR man, i see you got back your intensity
Yes that would be the shake weight lol. Either the ppl who made it are absolutely clueless or have a great sense of humor.

Thanks, My intensity has been better than ever lately.

Nice PR man, that's solid stuff! Do you always have the bar so low on your back?
Thanks, I usually keep the bar there because it does a lot to make the weight feel lighter and give me better leverage.

nice log press video. nothing like All That Remains to get you super pumped. yea, you have a pretty low bar placement on your squat. you should do a side view of you squatting one time, i wanna see how that thing stays on your back.
Thanks, I think I have a few side view squat videos on youtube I usually take them from the side.
Discipline makes you mentally and physically tough!
Currently making everything stronger!!
Once I stick to the program I am going to get really strong.
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