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3 mile run yesterday...25 pushups, 25 situps at the half way point and again at the end..I will continue doing this w/ my cardio in an attempt to get back into "Army shape" (they test pushups, situps, run) So if i do them all at once, I will build a little more stamina...i feel a physical fitness test coming on, so I like to be prepared...

1st day of my BLAST!!

DB Bench: 85x21 RP
DB Sh. Press: 55x22RP
Dips: 45x17 RP
Pullups: BWx15RP
Deadlift: 365x6/295x12

-I did not look back in my log to see my previous numbers, did what I could, will progress past my old numbers eventually!
-after reviewing my workout, i decided to alter my second set of deads and rack deads from 7-10 to 10-12, for the simple fact that if i am at the top of my range w/ the first set, im essentially not taking any weight off for the second set

Great workout overall, I forgot how taxing a hypertrophy type routine can not used to the fast paced workout!!! ill adjust, got stong on its time to GROW!!!
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