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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
lol, my wife is addicted to mario on wii!! lol
It's a very fun game.

Originally Posted by Ellingham View Post
Are you trying to blame the kids for not being able to beat bowser?
Caught red handed, ha ha, many of those glorious deaths were my own. I tried my best though.


Starting 2010 off organized, I've always tried to keep track of PR's, but I made up a spreadsheet to print out and leave in my basement for tracking PR's. I always keep a log book, but sometimes when you switch exercises it's hard to find the old PR's for an exercise you're bringing back into the rotation (I know that sounds lame, but oh well). So now, with a seperate log and PR sheet, I'll be good to go.

The PR sheet will be staring at me each workout, reminding me of where I'm at and where I need to go.

Almost forgot to mention, that like 2009, I am going to keep my exercise list short, I figure focusing on a few exercises is the best way to measure progress.

Squat - and its variations
Deadlift - and its variations
Good Morning
Bench - and its variations
Rows - and their variations
OH Press - and its variations
Barbell Curls
Skull Crushers

Obviously, there may be an exercise here and there that departs from that list, but those are the ones I'm focused on and tracking PR's for.

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