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Originally Posted by misterjaydubyoo View Post
Exactly what I have been doing. I have been straight bustin it in the gym...still a good deal of volume, but shorter time. I honestly think this method will aid in cuts, and minimize cardio. Steve Michilak (spelling?) never did cardio, but insane drop sets and short rest periods. Anyway, sorry to ramble. Congrats on your progression in 2009!
You certainly have been bustin' it, I hope to bust it to your level.

Thanks, 2010 will be a good year as well.


Well, my training kind of drifted in December, I am going to get more focused though. I am going to do a conventional Squat, Bench, Dead, OH Press split.
My focus is still pushing strength and hypertrophy right now, so I am going to cut out assistance work on my Squat and Deadlift days, in favor of some extra pushing work. Today's workout is an example.

Deadlift - no belt on any sets
306, 336, 366, 396, 426x3 This was my previous best for 3 reps, it was easy this time

I had more reps in me, but my grip was done after 8 reps, I think I could have gotten 3 or 4 more with straps

Weighted sit ups
10, 25, 35 x 8

Plyo Push-ups
BWx3, 8 sets

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