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Originally Posted by maverickBU View Post
If by "for real" you mean he put in more effort than Jose Canseco did for his MMA fight against HMC, then yes. If "for real" means he's even a B-level fighter, then no. That was horribly sloppy standup, throwing heaving leg kicks with his hands at his waist, and the "clinch", if you could call it that, was a mess. Kimbo looks better than that.

I'd like to say the sky is the limit on his eventual ability, but I don't think I can. We know that size and brute strength alone are not enough (see Bob Sapp). He's already 32. He doesn't have a background in any applicable fighting art. And, IMO, he did it for the pay day (~$70K for this fight). I'd like for him to prove me wrong, but I have a suspiscion that he will fight as long as the money is good and then be done with it.
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