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Originally Posted by Charles Izzo View Post
And how about another one? The low carb religion? I can't tell you how many people believe it it. I bought into that years ago and was afraid of carbs for years, thinking it would make me fat.

But then now doing a low fat diet similar to 13 weeks, I realize low fat works way better! And I actually have read plenty of data that shows why it works better. But I was afraid to try it before because I thought I couldn't handle the carbs. Its nonsense. I eat more carbs now and it revs up my metabolism so I can continue to burn more fat. And I feel much better off it too.
I just figured this out about 4 weeks ago... I was in a low-carb mindset for the past, like 2-3 years...

But lately I've been eating more of a just-eat-whole-foods diet. I don't care whether they're carbs or not... although I do tend to lean away from starchy carbs(except for my morning oats), and stick to the legumes and squashes and such.

Point is, I've been doing a low-fat, moderate-carb diet for 4 weeks and have seen excellent results- and my energy level is a lot better than it was while I was low-carb.
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