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Originally Posted by rootb33r View Post
a lecture from a church... really.... really.... ?
And how about another one? The low carb religion? I can't tell you how many people believe it it. I bought into that years ago and was afraid of carbs for years, thinking it would make me fat.

But then now doing a low fat diet similar to 13 weeks, I realize low fat works way better! And I actually have read plenty of data that shows why it works better. But I was afraid to try it before because I thought I couldn't handle the carbs. Its nonsense. I eat more carbs now and it revs up my metabolism so I can continue to burn more fat. And I feel much better off it too.

I wrote about this on another site. I wrote the reasons (based on my own experience and the literature I have read) why low carb diets are showing better results with helping overweight people to lose weight and get more healthy. The simple answer, I think, is that its much easier for them to follow because they obviously don't know anything about proper nutrition so they can't differentiate between carbs from good sources and carbs from bad sources. Drop carbs down real low and the problem is solved. But I don't think it is the best; I have seen the literature and research and I have the results in my own life to show for it. Low carb dieting worked for me, but it didn't get me as lean as I am now; low fat did.

But anyways, a few guys argued my points and claimed there was countless literature that supports how great low carb diets work. The problem with that in reality is, give me some money and hire me to do research to support your cause, and I will be sure to find it.
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