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Originally Posted by maverickBU View Post
Strides of improvement? Kimbo's been training MMA for 3 years now, he's 35, and he barely managed to eek out a boring decision against a guy that the UFC cut and then re-signed as a hand-picked punching bag for Kimbo, perhaps the only person in the UFC with a worse ground game than Kimbo. The difference between Kimbo now and 3 years ago is minimal and I see no reason, marketing aside, for him to be anything better than an undercard fighter.

That said, I wouldn't be shocked if they milked this popularity cow for every last drop and put him up against someone else insanely popular. Loser of Couture/Coleman anyone?
I was saying the same thing to someone at work today, you're going to compliment his ground game when he's controlling someone who doesn't have one. Get ready for the UFC to start serving up hand picked opponents, can anyone say Elvis Sinosic?
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