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Originally Posted by WorkoutMchne View Post
Well let's recap what we've learned today:
1. My squat sucks and my bench sucked yesterday.
2. Contrary to popular belief my bilateral sports hernias have not gone away.
3. I've somehow lost 2 pounds from eating 5500 calories a day which has to be making me weaker.
4. My squat really sucks and I should just kill myself now.
--Yeah, that's about it for today, it seems that I suck at life.
Take those bad days, learn from them, then forget them.

Hey, when you have a chance, I posted a new squat video. I went deeper than normal and maintained a good arch, although, I still lean a bit more than I'd like. Also, I went deeper than I really need to (past parralel) and my butt did start to tuck under, but I felt like I maintained my arch until parralel at least. I would love to have you critique it.

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