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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
yeah, if i can hit my goals, i would be ahead of where i was at squats and right back on track w/ deads, i was pulling 450 before i got hurt..and squats have always been my weak if i hit these goals, i will be sitting nice for my next dc blast cycle and i will consider SS a total victory (it already is...but u know!)
You'll definitely be ready for your next DC blast, no doubt

Lower Day

Barbell Thrusters (weighted glute bridges)
110x5 (plus 20 every set) up to 250x5

DE Squat
200, 8 sets of 2

After watching my 350x5 video, I looked very quad dominant and I was not getting my glutes into the lift as I should. I am trying to improve my hip drive.

The video above compares my 1st set with my 8th set on DE squat. I added some cheesy music and props to Flip at the end because I'm a dork.

BWx? for 3 sets

I didn't count reps, because none of them were superstrict, I tried to be real tight on the way down, but on the way up was another story. I am going to keep plugging away at these.

My calf cramped up on the 1st set though, it made me glad I was alone, lol, I looked like a complete wuss as I writhed in pain.

Weighted Situps
BW+25 x 8, 4 sets

My Hamstrings were fried after this, abs felt good too. Putting up the Christmas tree tomorrow and decorating the house, then heading to my parents for a belated Thanksgiving feast with my side of the family. I will enjoy the rest and good food tomorrow.

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