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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Can you tell me more about this? I've done assistance work on DE days before, just looking to learn other perspectives. Thanks.
Commander, there is nothing wrong with doing assistance work on DE days, I'm just coming from the perspective of a pure powerlifter. When I do assistance work I make sure that it is efficient and effective. I have noticed that when I cut out assistance work on the dynamic days I seem to be stronger and fresher on my strength days (which are 72 hours later). I always ask myself, "Will doing this get me stronger?" Often the answer is no with assistance work on these days, because I believe dynamic work should be all about specificity, so for this reason I usually stick to the main exercise and then move on. Also, since there is a meet coming up for me cutting the assistance work on these days is a good way to limit volume. Just my thoughts, there are times when it could be beneficial, I have just seen improvements without it. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to using it on these days or not, if you see improvements with an assistance exercise that works then do it, if it isn't effective then cut it out. I probably let you down with my extremely unscientific answer for that I apologize.
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