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Day 77
Weight 165.7lbs

Leg hypertrophy

Seated calf raises (DC)
4Px13 (1,5,15)
4Px10 (1,3,5)

leg extensions
110x9 - drop 90x3
100x9 - drop 80x4
90x9 - drop 70x3

Sissy squat fascia stretch for 90 seconds after the final drop set.

I was worried going into this workout after potentially having developed sciatica. But it held up, i had no pain , no twinges and my form felt very good on squats so im hoping i dont hear from my sciatic nerve again until im 60+. Calves are going good although i had to cut my last set short due to a severe cramp in my left calf, this has happened before doing DC, but im seeing it as a good thing as the pump and lactic acid build up is clearly as high as i can get and i go way beyond pain and to true failure on calves every set.
The quad superset felt good today, havent doen these for a while so i'll be walking funny tomorrow.
Tomorrow is chest hypertrophy day.
Do or do not, there is no try.

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