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Lower Day

Barbell Thrusters (weighted glute bridge)
20lb increase up to 230x5

Jump Squat
20lb increases up to 270 (feet barely left ground)

Regular Squat
290, 310, 330x1
added belt
300x10 PR!

I am really happy with this, my record is 390x1 but that was purposefully trying to max out. I hit 370 today with short rest periods and having already hammered my glutes and hams with the barbell thrusters. It did not feel difficult. I am definitely coming for 400. 300x10 felt sooo easy, I did the reps continuously with barely any pause at the top. I could have gotten more if I went widdowmaker-style and took a few breaths between reps.

And my deadlift is coming for 500, I pulled 491 the other day. It is exciting to be closing in on my goals (deadlift video 491x1 )

Concentric Goodmoring
20 lb increases to 200x5

Weighted Sit ups
BW+10 x 25

Weighted Planks

James 1:16-17 ESV
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