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Before we get to the lift, I set up my dissertation today which we will begin next fall. This study will be comparing different sequences of non-linear periodization throughout a 12-week training study. I will learn how to get stronger, so this project will help aid my main goal in life.
Comp. Cycle Workout #11, 11-17-09: Heavy Deadlift
Deadlift (450-Max): 2X3, 3X1
Good Mornings
3X5 w/ 25
Bent Over Rows
Good stuff, 460 is a PR. Still weighing in at 172 (I need to eat more, if that is even possible). After this just went light on good mornings today, because hypertrophy squats are on Friday. I'll hit 225 for 6 on good mornings next week. Meet in Dec. 19th, I feel I should be able to pull 480 by then. In a year I will deadlift 600 at 181. Off tomorrow, hypertrophy bench Thursday and hypertrophy squat Friday. Now I have to write my notes to lecture on Vitamins in the morning, what a waste of time. If you want to be healthy run 5 miles everyday, if you want to be strong lift more weights, if you want vitamins eat vegetables. I will relate vegetables to lifting weights and Metallica somehow.
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