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Originally Posted by will-work4andro View Post
definitely great ideas Commander and Klosey...gotta love ABC...i'm not sure how much of a role this played in the study though Klosey because it was an acute study, so i doubt that the angiogenesis would've taken place.

what do you guys think about the possibility that HSP's might've played a role? any other ideas guys?
here is the thing though, to my knowledge there is no study to show how long the body takes to start to adapt to this, could be days could be months, if boxers can start to acclimatise when training at high altitude after a few days, some elite climbers say they can adjust to the oxygen drop in a matter of hours, i see no reason why angiogeneisis (or the start of/pathways for) couldnt happen.

HSP? is what way bro? i know starvation and oxygen deprivation can increase in production of HSP's.
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