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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
A deficit deadlift is standing on a plate or two to increase the ROM by lowering the bar's starting point.

Glute Ham raises are brutal, did you check the video? Yeah, it's just BW for me, although some beasts like Layne Norton actually hold weight and do it without pushing off at the bottom, hopefully someday I can do that.

They don't compare to any other exercise, they are very unique. But the action is a leg curl with isometric hip extension.

I stopped squatting because I needed a break from it, I ran Smolov twice this year (although I didn't finish the 2nd time) so I have squatted more times that most mortals this year even with a 6 week break. I hope to come back to the squat refreshed now.

My legs seem fine, definitely progressed in terms of the deadlift.
cool man, i may have to throw glute ham raises into my DC workout when i go around next always looking for hammie exercises..i was wondering about the squat because we preach it so much around here, was just wondering how you could afford to go w/out it!! haha..this 3x5 is killing me too..i never knew squatting so much could be so mentally as well as physically draining
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