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Originally Posted by AJR415 View Post
When I try to cut I will probably go on a Ketogenic diet. It is supposed to be able to burn fat while preserve muscle. However I will probably not cut for a while in case I do lose some muscle.
You are currently at a reasonable composition so it doesn't seem to be harmful for you to work on building muscle right now. But if you did make your diet right you probably would burn some fat while gaining muscle. Because 15% is a bit high.

How ever, I don't recomment a ketogenic diet. Don't get me wrong, they do work. But they make you feel like crap and will eventually slow down your metabolism. Thats definitely not good for the long run. Additionally, if you come off the diet with a crashed metabolism you will gain a good portion of the weight back and have trouble losing weight again for a long time. And I will tell you something; I did it before and after several months the though of eating ground beef made me want to vomit. Couldn't do it anymore. The other problem with that kind of diet is that it is the opposite in some ways of the type of diet that will be more healthy in the long term. It becomes hard to reverse the habits and switch to new ones that are opposing. Carbs for example are your enemy with a keto diet. But with the diets recommended on this site, carbs are your friend and you need it. It took me a long time to give in to that. I was once affraid of carbs. But now days I am eating more carbs, feeling more energetic, and losing more fat, easily!

That is why I recomment for you to learn to do it right straight from the beginning. You will have much less trouble over the years and you will reach better goals of leanness. The diet I recommended to you can be made to be very similar to the 13 weeks diet, but it is much more simple because you don't have to count calories. Its a real good starters diet.
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