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Thanks Gregsimo. I do use dynamic days, bench and squat have their own dynamic days. I do DE deadlift after my hypertrophy and heavy squats. I only deadlift once a week and don't do traditional hypertrophy on deadlift because it doesn't much of an adaptation for strength. My program looks like this.

1. Deadlift
2. OFF
3. Hypertrophy Bench
4. Hypertrophy Squat (DE Deadlift at the end)
5. OFF
6. Hypertrophy Military
7. Deadlift
8. DE Bench
9. DE Squat
11. Heavy Bench
12. Heavy Squat (DE Deadlift at the end)
13. OFF
14. Heavy Military

Then repeat, I also use periodization within days and have developed rep scheme based on percentages with this. After I go through this cycle 3 times (6 weeks) I increase my max based on my max formula and start again.
Video From Friday's Squat:
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