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Originally Posted by AJR415 View Post
whats wrong wit gatorade. I can bring some peanuts but I don't know about yams and all that.
Peanuts/other nuts are good only for their convenience- they don't fill you up and are very calorie-dense, so I avoid nuts at all costs. I get my fats from additive oils when cooking, and naturally-occuring fats in fish and other protein. But if you need to, eat some almonds because you can pack them in a baggie and bring them along (WEIGHT THEM OUT). I weigh out 1oz baggies of almonds and bring them into work with me.

Gatorade is bad because it's made of simple sugars... so unless you're in recovery (post-workout), OR playing a high-intensity long-duration sport like soccer, football, etc., you should not be drinking Gatorade.

Yams are good, but because they need refrigeration I would suggest some whey + home-made granola as your meals of choice while you're at school. If you can afford beef jerky, all the better.

OH and P.S. I have to disagree with Izzo on one thing- I totally endorse fruit. I am eating 3-5 pieces of fruit every day and am leaning out quite nicely! 7:30AM with Breakfast, 10:30AM with meal#2, 1:30PM with Meal#3, and occasionally in between those meals when I get hungry at work

Grapefruits were my fruit of choice, but since the Ruby Reds went out of season I've been downing some Bananas. Fruit fills you up, man.

(Yes, I understand why fruit is bad on a cut- I've read the 13-weeks diet a billion times... but It's working for me, so I'ma keep on truckin')
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