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I told you that your diet just about completely sucked and was just waiting to see if you would come back asking for the right help. Thats why I said things the way I did. Because I won't waste my time writing to someone if they aren't going to listen.

But obviously you want some help so I'll tell you some ideas as to what to do. You don't know why Gatorade is junk, bagels are junk, things like that. Well I will send you to an article. And I will give you the most simple advise possible, perfect for a beginner.

So far you already know what a descent breakfast looks like. I wrote in that thread. The only thing I would change is that if you have a day when you have more time for preparation you can have eggbeaters instead of the whey, just to make a good meal. You can also have some sort of fruit with breakfast if you like, but I don't recommend that for when you are trying to cut.

The diet plan I am going to recommend to you is from an article called "Summer Six Pack" by Todd Wilson. It is a perfect diet to start off with for someone who knows absolutely nothing about healthy eating. It will clean out all the junk right away so you can only eat good foods and you will be forced to learn real quick what good foods there are to eat. I can promise you that if you follow that diet to a T and stick with it you will get leaner, and you will learn better eating habits. Honestly, years ago when I was clueless and couldn't understand any of the other diets enough to even give them a try, I gave that diet a shot and it took me from 30% down to 15%, pretty good. I lost a lot of weight and then at least knew what food was junk and what food wasn't.

Other than that I won't give you any extra information yet because it will be better for you to learn what you mostly need to know right now. That should be the main thing for you to focus on for months to come.

But I will give you a few suggestions.
Breakfast: Do the meals like what you have already planed.
Lunch: You better suck it up and prepare lunch early in the morning or the day before. Chicken and sweet potatoes is a good one or chicken and rice. Pretty much any lean meat and rice will do. Fish is fine. Also include vegetables with all your lunch meals.
Dinner: Eat what ever your family is eating. Don't eat the bread or pasta. You can always eat more vegetables instead. Vegetables will provide plenty of carbohydrates. Stay picky and don't allow any extra sugar.
Shakes: I highly recommend 2 per day in between meals. This is important because it is best for you to have 5-7 meals per day to keep from going hungry and to keep your metabolism going. So 2 shakes per day will act as a good lean substitute. Keep a can of mix and a container in your locker, mix it in between classes with water. Easy! Can't fit a whole can in your locker? Ok, use a smaller container and keep it in your book bag. Easy!

Alright man. Those were just a few suggestions. But stick to the diet plan and you should be at a good start.
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