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Originally Posted by AJR415 View Post
I don't see how my diet is COMPLETE garbage. I admitted to not being that careful with it, but it isn't like I eat junk food all day. The stuff I eat is just what is most convenient for me. I don't buy lunch at school because eating that food is like eating dog crap out of my backyard. The stuff I bring for lunch is just an easy quick energy source for during the day. I also did make another thread about what I can eat for breakfast, which you obviously did not see. I figure a bowl of oatmeal and a shake or something would be good, based on the posts made in that thread. My dinners are good and I don't worry about them because I usually have some sort of meat with a vegetable side dish. The only reason I asked about pills is because I know wrestlers who have used hydroxycut to cut weight, and I wanted to hear some other opinions about something like that.

The main problem with my diet is really not enough calories, and I need some healthy snacks that can help boost up my calories. I need to have around 3000 calories and I have been trying to count lately, and am only getting about 2000, which is average but not good for making gains. Any suggestions on how to boost my calorie count with a healthy approach would help a lot more than just telling me my diet sucks.
Do some research before you get defensive. Your diet flat out sucks.

I did the research for you read these and follow them and you will lose weight. We wonder why the obesity rate is so high in this country because people are ignorant of nutrition and think their crappy diet and not eating breakfast is a decent diet but wonder why they are not making gains. geez
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