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Originally Posted by AJR415 View Post
I dont count calories or anything like that. I haven't really tried any extreme diets yet and because I am 17, I still live at home so my dinner is the same as whatever my family eats. We usually have steaks or burgers or something like that. For lunch I eat a power bar, a fiber one bar, and a gatorade to drink. I don't usually eat breakfast. As a snack I might have a buttered bagel or a banana or something. I am 5'10" 165.

How exactly does caffeine alone make you burn fat?
Frees up fatty acids to be metabolized. Gives you more energy and decreases fatigue, thereby allowing you to workout harder/longer. Maybe a slight thermogenic effect as well.

There used to be a good article on this site regarding caffiene, but I think it was taken down after some of the findings may have been contradicted by another study. I don't know, haha.
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