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Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
What is your favorite lift?

From a bodybuilding standpoint what bodypart(s) are you weakness?

How do you plan to overcome that weakness?
favourite lift by far is the deadlift. probably because i excel in it. not to mention its awesomeness!

id say my weakest would be my chest (strength wise). though theyre in proportion size wise, i feel that im not lifting as much as i should be. so ive switched up my routine and for chest have strength and hypertrophy days (concentrate more on strength)

though size wise, id have to say my calves are small compared to the rest of the body. i can push a fair amount of weight with em, so train em 2-3 times a week-ish, 2 hypertrophy and 1 strength.

seem to be getting some results with both aspects, so hopefully itll get up there.