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Default Big Bear: Cant hold me down forever

So... for the past 5 weeks I have been sidelined by my first major injury (not lifting related!!!) I had a vulvulous intestine, and had to get surgery. Last Weds, my doctor cleared me to return to regular now I am back! I still favor my abdominal region, but I think its more I lift and get back into it, that will fade! My plan is to run the Starting Strenght 3x5 program for about a month..just to get my body used to moving weight again, reimplant proper form on the big lifts in my head (flexibility in my abs is the only issue I see hampering I must get the form back down before I get 100% back into it), and get my (hopefully fast) muscle memory gains back!!! I will not be as worried about weight lifted right off the bat as much as proper form and getting back in shape...when I start my DC routine again that when the weight gets split will be Mon, Weds, Fri: Cardio...Tues, Thurs, Sat: Weights...give or not going to get bent out of shape about missing or flip flopping days just a "newbie" haha...without further adue...

Starting Weight: 188 (lost about 18 lbs during injury time)
Today was Cardio: 30 mins elliptical jog

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