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Originally Posted by klosey View Post
1. What got you into training

2. Are there any set training methods you feel work best for you and why?

3. Any theories or experimental training styles you think have merit?

4. Any goldern day bodybuilding thoughts you use in your training? i.e vaccum posing etc

1. In high school I lifted weights. I was pretty dedicated to it. I mainly did it for high school wrestling, but became addicted to gaining strength, and being stronger than everybody my size, and most people in general. As I got into college, I continued lifting, but finally got the epiphany to really get serious about my diet and start to sculpt my body. This wasn't until my last two years or so of college, and has carried on until now. I really feel I have finally become a bodybuilder.

2. Heavy weights, pyramids. Both of these work well for me. I always respond well to heavier sets, lower rep schemes, and/or pyramid type programs. I have found a long as I stick with it, I gain strength incredibly fast.

3. Hmmm...theories. I believe the occlusion thing has gotten some merit. When I start cutting, I think I am really going to try to incorporate it into my workouts. HIIT seems to work well too.

4. Liver tabs. Haha, I just started using these as a way to stimulate appetite. I think they have their place, but I am not sure exactly how beneficial they are. Weighted dips. IMO, these are very beneficial to upper body development. I would like to start incorporating some outdoor lifting into my routine. Vitamin D (via the sun in this case) is proven to be very beneficial, and Arnold loved to lift outside as well.
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