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I've thought on this while working out the past few times.

I like the idea of shaping my body. I like the idea of being strong. I like seeing the results of my efforts in the mirror, and I like wearing this muscle out in the world.

I like it when guys look at me, size me up, show a touch of respect and a touch of envy, but I never like a fear reaction from anyone. I feel almost compelled to smile and issue a reassuring greeting.

But the one I enjoy most is when women forget themselves and stare too long.

My latest spur of motivation happened as I traveled to London. I wore a bit of a gut and was without a doubt one of the bigger people around, but not by too much. Nothing that would cause anyone to stop and gape. During my time there, I unknowingly became used to the smaller size of people (normal BMIs).... then I flew back to JFK where I was without a doubt one of the skinniest people in the airport. I was stunned to see sooo many fat people waddling about.

Another moment for me was going to the mall--something I rarely do. I walked by a shoe store and they not only had stock and selection but they were also displaying the fatboy shoes in the front window. I was flabbergasted that stores would carry these standard, but more so that they were displayed in the front window. Naturally they were running shoes.
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