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Hadnt ever gotten to posting my first back day in quite a while. My back and neck felt weird, if not a little in pain afterwards, but I kept it pretty light, avoided pushups and lat pulldowns, and it felt good to do. Also my first lower back workout in many months, which was no problem, though It felt odd.

4x8-135 seated rows
2x25-100 rows
1x15-180 dips
3x8-195 dips
2x20-120 crunches
2x10-90 L-laterals
1x20-90 Rotary abs, left and right.

In general I'm feeling better with my injuries. Recovery is continuing, and I'm avoiding bad/dangerous movements (even squating instead of bending over to pick things up now, since this did me in a while back) and lifts. I hope soon to start pullups again. Sadly my insomnia, even with my sleep aid, or whatever the actual cause of my problem is, continues to leave me exhausted every day, making it very hard, and now rare, to be able to go to the gym. To boot, in two days I have 4 wisdom teeth removed, luckily despite my age the CBCT scan shows that I shouldnt have any permanent damage from the operation. This will however put me back on narcotic pain meds and other stuff for a week, during which I dont imagine I'll be working out.

As far as my goals go, I still need to blast my biceps for size, but when it comes to my back its all about recovery, and my other muscles I'm really quite happy working for strength, endurance, and most of all metabolism. I think I'm going to start doing tabata intervals. This is something I can do fairly easily at home with bodyweight exercises, or up to 105lbs of weights. I really need to amp up my cardio, especially as I have resigned the ability of actually doing a strong dietary cut. I really need my own place again for that to happen...though thats looking like a possibility in a few months off.

Either to the gym in a bit, given the infrequency of my gym visits I have the choice of what muscles to work today, given that I will likely work legs and maybe toss in some biceps.
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