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Originally Posted by Gregsimo View Post
they are nowhere near as effective as cleans but i will have to use them as cleans are banned in my gym, due to an incident several years ago when someone dropped the weight doing cleans and it went through the floor and down into a busy shop below. (whether this actually happened or is just an excuse to not buy bumper plates is a mystery)
im not throwing in the dips or chins until i feel i need to, only other thing i have considered is alternating rows with chins week for week.
If you can do cleans definately do them.
Oh do you ever go on msn using your hotmail account?
being new to lifting cleans look like bad form could easily result in an injury and as i will be working out at home due to being surrounded by **** gyms i thought i would do the rows, i want to do cleans but there is a floor below me and now your story about barbells going through floors makes me think of subbing it.
weighted chins?
and no i dont mate, when i am online it's to check mail, bank accounts, uni stuff and abc!
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