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4th Sept
Weight upon waking 154.1lbs
Yesterdays macros - 388/243/125, 3621 cals.

Traps and forearms day today.

Seated DB shrugs w/ cable static hold
- 50's*11 (PB)+ 100lbs for 38secs, 50's*10 + 100lbs for 34secs, 50's*10 + 100lbs for 30secs

Smith machine behind back shrugs
- 176*12, 198*8, 220*6, 231*3 (PB)

Bent over laterals
- 22's*12, 25's*10, 27.5*8

Reverse curls w/ Db hammer curls
- 50*11 (PB)and 22's*10, 40*11 and 22's*6, 40*10 and 20's*7, 35*12 and 16.5's*9

BB wrist curls
- 50*15 (PB), 50*12, 40*11

Broke several PB's today, was brimming with energy. this is my last hypertrophy workout for the next few months. and im looking forward to doing the starting strength routine from monday.
Ive actually hit all of my goals 4 weeks early. i am now over 154lbs (11 stone), i can squat over 230, i have also seen excellent development of my arms, back and quads. Bit disappointed with my calves still but they arent an issue considering my goals for the next 3 months.
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