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2nd Sept
Weight upon waking 152.4lbs
Yesterdays macros 3460, 316/229/138


132x5x3 (work sets)

Due to changing my routine next week i decided to concentrate on form with squats. this was ridiculously easy but my form felt good, except that i dont have the flexibility to place the bar just above my rear delt for support. i had to use an extremely wide grip. going to work on this flexibility using a broom at home so that within a few weeks i can feel comfortable under the bar and push for a new PR each workout.

Leg extentions ----- 100*11 (PR), 90*10, 80*12.

Calf raises (DC style) -----90*12 ss (5 second negative, 15 second stretch per rep)
105*12 (3 second negative and 3 second stretch)

Lying hamstring curls ----- 50*12 (PR), 50*8, 40*8

Ab crunches ----- 3*F

Squats felt really good this week, using less weight i was able to concentrate on form, reading rippetoe starting strength has really helped with these. i think im going to miss doing calf raises and leg extentions, but in 3 months time i'll be re-introducing DC training for calves and hopefully doing sprints for cardio will prevent any calf atrophy over the coming weeks.
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