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31st Aug
Weight - 152.8 lbs

Todays workout
Back, Bi's, forearms

bent over BB rows ----- 103*12, 114*9, 125*7

deadlifts ----- 187*8, 176*8 (only did 2 sets as i am tapering down in preparation for the starting strength routine)

Lat pulldowns ----- 110*12, 121*8, 132*6 with 20 second static hold after each set

EZ curls ----- 64.5*10, 70*8, 75.5*6

Incline Db hammer curls w/ incline curls (removed from workout to reduce volume)

Reverse wrist curls w/ wrist curls ----- 25*12 / 50*12, 25*9 / 50*10, 25*8 / 40*10

I enjoyed the superset at the end and my forearms are still pumped now! i managed much better form and reps witht he reverse curls, most likely due to the fact that no pre-exhaust was done as i removed hammer curls from the routine.
Im going to finish my routine this week, with slightly less volume on each workout then next week im starting the rippetoe's starting strength routine and will be strictly sticking to it for around 3 months then i'll start re-introducing some isolation work especially for calves as the routine doesnt do anything taxing on the calves.
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