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28 Aug
Weight upon waking 151.4lbs
Yesterdays macros - 367/241/140, 3894 cals.

Traps and forearms day today.

Seated DB shrugs w/ cable static hold
- 50's*10 + 90lbs for 43secs, 50's*10 + 100lbs for 33secs, 50's*9 + 100lbs for 32secs

Smith machine behind back shrugs
- 165*12, 176*9, 198*6, 215*4 (Definately increasing the weight again next week, really suprised myself today with these)

Bent over laterals
- 22's*10, 25's*8, 27.5*7 first set really took it out of me

Reverse curls w/ Db hammer curls
- 50*9 and 22's*11, 40*10 and 22's*9, 40*10 and 20's*8, 35*11 and 15's*12
(huge increase from last week. Im starting to really like this superset)

BB wrist curls
- 50*13, 50*11, 40*12

Static holds
- 110 for 47.5 seconds.
my fingers are slipping off the bars before my forearms give out, might try using a BB rather than Db's next time.

Really enjoyed this workout, but need to look at my rear delts more, may incorporate a machine exercise for them when i change up my workouts in a couple of weeks.
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