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27th Aug
Weight upon waking 151.2lbs
Yesterdays macros 3526, 266/235/138 (bit low on carbs as i lost out on 70g (no PWO shake)

Todays painful workout

Squats (close stance) ----- 209*10, 198*10, 190*10
I managed to hit my rep range targets even with increasing the weight from last week, so next week im going to up the weight again.

Leg extentions ----- 100*10, 90*10, 80*10. one drop set of 20% on each set. I managed 4 additional reps for the first set and 5 on the second and final set.

Calves (DC style) -----105*12 RP with (5 second negative, 15 second stretch per rep) I lowered the weight from last time as i couldnt lift powerful enough last time round to get a decent peak contraction, felt much better this week, also achieved a greater pump.
120*13 (3 second negative and 3 second stretch)

Lying hamstring curls ----- 50*9, 50*7, 40*8 (decided to lower my rep range on these to aim for strength, but still maintaining enough reps to stimulate decent hypertrophy.

Ab crunches ----- 3*F

Really happy with my leg workouts at the minute, my quads have grown tremendously (3" in 3 months) and my strength has doubled. My hamstrings are more defined and have increased considerably in size.
Still having trouble with calves but going to give DC a good 6 weeks more to see if i get any results from it.
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