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Weight upon waking - 150.4lbs
Yesterdays macros - 3295cals, 341/226/109. I lowered the fat content in my diet as it was beginning to upset my stomach. still kept carbs at roughly 50% of my intake which im happy with.

Todays workout
Back, Bi's, forearms

bent over BB rows ----- 103*12, 114*9, 125*6 (managed to increase the weight each set and maintain good form, aiming for 13, 10, 8 next week with the same weights.

Cont grip deadlifts ----- 176*10, 176*8, 176*7 (beat my aim of 10, 8, 6) going to try 203.5 next week (finally about to break the 200 mark on my deadlift going for 10 reps.

Lat pulldowns ----- 110*10, 121*7, 132*5 with 20 second static hold after each set (massive improvement from last week)

EZ curls ----- 64.5*10, 70*8, 75.5*6 (managed higher weights on my 2nd +3rd sets for the same reps as last week (rep range aim was 12, 10, 8)

Incline Db hammer curls w/ incline curls ----- 30's*7, 25's*8, 20's*10 (no improvement on these this week, infact one rep less on my second set)

Reverse wrist curls ----- 25*10 RP 2, 25*9 RP 3, 25*7 RP 5 (found these a little bit easier this week, going to use rest pause until i am competant and comfortable with the exercise then do ascending sets.

wrist curls ----- 50*14, 50*11, 40*11 (decent improvement on these, past few weeks ive gone from 30lbs for 15 to 50 for 14 reps.

The workout felt good, especially my biceps and forearms, dead lifts are always good too! my only concern was that it took 1 hr 42 to complete (including warm up sets). im considering supersetting the wrist curls and reverse wrist curls for a greater pump (as if it wasnt bad enough) and to cut down on time.
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