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Aye, I've taken to adding a set or two of both to each leg day. I had noticed my legs were starting to seem really deep and skinny instead of wide, so added those in to try to make my quads wider. With my legs exploding so quickly followed by multiple injuries, who knows. (the explosions being growth, not the injuries!)

So today I continued my high rep workouts, though despite seeming to have fixed my stupidly ridiculous exhaustion, I just really didnt have the will to lift today, so quit pretty early. Given my multiple injuries, however, it was still a productive workout because of my 1+ month time off my upper body.

ezBarbel Curls:
super setted with-
Unweighted dips:

Tomorrow I'll try to get myself off to the gym and do another leg day...or maybe just cardio, we'll see what I feel like. Also not sure if I will do it with the high rep ranges again or not. I think I will keep it around 15-20 for the time being, just to switch it up. I'm not being too strict for now, just trying to take it easy and not risk messing up my recovery.
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