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Today was my day off, but ended up doing cardio, did a 20 minute bike machine event for charity. i managed 5.9 miles which i am happy with considering its very rare i do cardio.
I've decided im going to start posting my macros and my morning bodyweight each day on here, that was i can keep track of it myself and theres mroe content for everyone to critique/ praise.
Tomorrow is meant to be Back bi's and forearms, but im going to push that back til monday as i did traps and forearms yesterday (made a mistake on my split).
This weeks routine is
Sun - Chest, delts, Tri's
Mon - Back, Bi's, Forearms
Tues - Rest
Weds - Legs
Thurs - Traps, Forearms
Fri - Rest
Sat - Rest

Got a busy weekend coming up so the week after everything is on a 7 day split.
Yesterdays Macros - 388/287/137 so im working on a rough 48/35/17 ratio of CHO, Protein and fat. My aim was 50-30-20. Calories was 3950. Weight - 150.4lbs
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