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Ah, my favourite. LEGS!
I was full of energy today and im glad as i love blasting my legs to death. and for once the radio in the gym was playing good songs, that lifted my mood.

Squats (close stance) ----- 198*10, 188*10, 176*11

I've never squatted this well in my life and im looking forward to breaking the 200lbs mark for my 10reps next week. week after that im going to test my 1RM and see if i can push for 250-260.

Leg extentions ----- 100*9, 90*9, 80*9. one drop set of 20% on each set. I managed 3 additional reps for the first 2 sets and 4 on the final set.

Calves (DC style) -----135*12 RP with (5 second negative, 15 second stretch per rep)
105*11 (3 second negative and 3 second stretch)

Lying hamstring curls ----- 40*13, 50* 7, 40*8. Each set with a single drop of 20%, managed 3 reps per drop set. Kinda annoyed with my gym on these as i find 50lbs too heavy to manage 10 reps (my target) but 40lbs too light and the pins wont allow me to put a 5lbs weight on.

In all it was an excellent workout, i am especially happy with my progress on squats as 8 weeks ago i was squatting 110*10 and now it is 198*10. My quads have grown considerably in this time.
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