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so if i meet that guy in a dark alley...he'll think twice
And chances are I have a concealed .45 on me as well! Its sad that it has come to that tho...str8 up fights don't seem to happen anymore.

But back to the topic:

I achieve such gratification to build upon what I have and to consistently make it better. Its nice to compare myself to older photos, and have the pleasure of saying "I did that." I also think it portrays character very efficiently. Most of the time, when you see someone with a nice physique, you know it took will, determination, dedication, and sacrifices for them to get there. You know it not only took hours in the gym, but hours in the kitchen, hours crunching numbers, and even hours skimming message boards to achieve what they built. I think more and more today, people realize that physiques simply are not made from just "pumping iron." I have gained the respect of many individuals because they know what I have done to achieve my physique, and that they will never put forth the effort to do so. People respect that I have that much dedication and motivation to set goals and not only achieve them, but exceed them.
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