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todays workout was chest, delts and tris, i woke up with very good energy levels and work went well so i was motivated for getting into the gym.

Single Db Pullovers ----- 40*11, 45*9, 50*6

Smith machine incline bench ----- 110*7, 99*7, 88*7

DB none peak flyes ----- 22*16, 27.5*12, 30*8

Seated Military Press ----- 65*9, 77*6, 88*4 (i need to work on strength on this exercise)

Upright rows ----- 50*14, 60*10, 70*7 (Did 4 second negatives on each set)

Hammer bar presses behind head ----- 40*10, 45*8, 50.5*5

Dips ----- BW*3 (5 second negative) RP 2 further reps with BW

By the end of the workout i was struggling for energy as this all took 1hr 25mins. i also should have taken more rest time after the chest exercises as i felt weak doing military presses.
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