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well guys, my workouts.
I'll be working our 4-5 days a week with one day off every 3 so a sample week looks like this.

monday - back, Bi's, forearms
tuesday - chest, delts, tris
weds - Rest
thurs - legs, abs
fri - traps, forearms
sat - Rest
sun - start over so sunday becomes monday

i work back twice every 4-5 days as im currently targeting back thickness on my trap workouts and width with my bicep workouts. In a few weeks i'll be changing this to prioritise legs. The first workout is a light workout, the second a heavier one. all other bodyparts are worked once every 6 days. I'm looking to gain in both strength and size so my routines are varied from week to week.

Workout 1
Back, Bi's, forearms

bent over BB rows ----- 103*12, 125*8, 103*9

Tbar deadlifts ----- 100*12, 110*10, 132*7 (had difficulty feeling my lower back properly on these, and balance was an issue hence the low weight used, will be using regular deads in future)

Lat pulldowns ----- 100*12, 110*9, 120*6 with 20 second static hold after each set

EZ curls ----- 60*12, 70*8, 70*6

Incline Db hammer curls w/ incline curls ----- 30's*7, 25's*9, 20's*10

Reverse wrist curls ----- 35*6, 30*7, 25*8 (ive not done this exercise before today so the weight and feel for it was poor, i also cant lift very much weight on these. might lower the weight and push for 12+ reps, or do RP on a higher weight)

wrist curls ----- 40*15, 40*11, 35*12 (held these in the stretched postion for 30 seconds after each set. my grip is none existant today!

All these weights are in lbs and some might be random weights as we only have Kg's here (UK).

This workout went very well, and im rather sore today, had difficulty feeling my back on Tbar deadlifts. Also need to improve my co-ordination on reverse wrist exercises as on the final few reps my form begins to falter.
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