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I'm absolutely against using any kind of synthetic adrogen when it is prohibited by the rules. Cheating is cheating!

On the flip side- why do we have to accept our bodies natural performance limitations? Why do we allow the genetic monsters to have the edge because they have hyperactive glands that pump out hormones like crazy?

Its one of the same problems I have with Dr.'s and hormone levels. They will only treat diseases, most won't "tune" your body. For example, if I'm tuning an engine, a 5% difference in the air/fuel ratio can make or break an engine; but the "generally acceptable range of values" for testosterone is 300 to 1,100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl). Thats an insanely large range.

This same kind of range applies to several other hormone levels as well-many of which contribute to depression or overall wellnes. As people become less worried about diseases, do you think there is a niche for docs that will "tune" bodies more effectively? Not talking drugs necessarily- there are many supplements that may or may not effect your body, lifestyle changes, etc.
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